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What is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

  • An RIA is in the business of giving advice.
  • An independent RIA is not owned by another company or institution.
  • An RIA has a Fiduciary Responsibility to their clients. They are legally required to put the client’s interest first. This is a higher standard that what is required of brokerage firms, which is the suitability of an investment for an individual client.
  • An RIA is typically compensated by fees for advice, rather than commissions on buying & selling.
  • An RIA is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the state in which they operate.

The Difference Between an RIA and a Broker


Retirement as a Single Woman

by Eric Nager on Sep 22, 2021

As a single woman, you may be faced with some unique challenges when planning for retirement. Here's what you should consider.
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Ups and Downs of Online-Only Banking

by Eric Nager on Sep 1, 2021

The digital world has transformed professional industries in unique ways that prior to internet access would have been impossible. Doctors can monitor patients remotely, lawyers can offer counsel online, software can complete your taxes for you, and even financial investments and advertisements can be made without any face-to-face contact. To some this would sound ludicrous and to others it sounds convenient, but one thing is for certain—the robo-advisor is another option that’s here to stay for investors.

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Too Hot To Handle: What Is Going on in the Current Housing Market?

by Eric Nager on Aug 12, 2021

By Trace Dixon

          The Housing Market is currently as hot as the temperatures outside, which is an impressive feat to say the least. While that is great news for home sellers, people who are trying to buy homes are wincing at the soaring prices and limited availability. You could almost say it’s the opposite of 2008: instead of houses being everywhere for rock bottom prices, houses for sale are a rare sight that sell fast and high. But what’s causing real estate to balloon?

You can boil everything down to a handful of reasons. To start, the supply of houses is limited but the demand is still high. You remember supply and demand curves from economics, right? Maybe you overheard some mentioning’s of them while you were working on your afternoon power nap in class, as not all of us had discovered the liquid energy we call coffee in that stage of our life.

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