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Retiring as a Small Business Owner

by Eric Nager on Jan 19, 2021


There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States. Many people start their own businesses in order to become their own boss and take control over their schedules, career goals and finances. It can be incredibly rewarding to start and own a successful small business. But one thing that many small business owners may not think about is a retirement plan. 

Should You Retire at the Same Time As Your Spouse?

by Eric Nager on Dec 29, 2020


If you and your spouse are making plans to retire, you’re probably wondering whether it’s a good idea to retire at the same time. Many couples go through the same thought process and, in fact, one in four couples quit their jobs within a year of each other. But retirement is a decision that should be carefully thought out. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to retire at the same time as your spouse.

Is It Time To Fully Return To The Market?

by Eric Nager on Dec 4, 2020

    We believe that enough of the uncertainty regarding the election outcome has been resolved in order to complete our return to the market.  However, there are still two outstanding issues that could stir social and market unrest: the first is a Trump victory through legal action (at this time it is possible but it is a longshot). The second is a victory by the Democrats in both Georgia Senate races.

Why Have We Taken Our Defensive Position Up to the 50% Level?

by Eric Nager on Nov 3, 2020

Going into the final days before the election, the race has tightened significantly in the battleground states, consequently the threats of strife and violence have greatly increased. This is unprecedented for the United States which is considered to be the most stable democratic-republic in the world. There are reports that both the left and the right are preparing for possible conflict.

Preparing for an Early or Unexpected Retirement

by Eric Nager on Oct 27, 2020

More Americans are retiring earlier than you might think

Planning for retirement is without a doubt a long-term project that takes years of saving and adjusting to prepare for successfully. It certainly isn’t a fix it and forget it endeavor. But no matter how well you prepare or how diligently you save, the reality is that health issues, company downsizing, a worldwide pandemic, or simply personal preference may put you face to face with an early or unexpected retirement. 

Update On Hurricane Sally Impact

by Eric Nager on Sep 28, 2020

As most of you are aware, our offices at Southern Capital were in the path of Hurricane Sally.  Our physical office had power restored on Monday.  This means that our phones systems are back up and working correctly.  Some of us are staffing the office and some are still working remotely, as we ha

Paws and Effect - The annual cost of pet ownership and how to reduce costs

by Eric Nager on Aug 31, 2020

There’s a good reason there’s an estimated 74 to 96 million owned cats and 70 to 80 million dogs in the U.S. With wagging tails, slobbery kisses, and little whiskers that make for adorable Instagrams, pets give us that warm, cuddly feeling inside. They are part of our families and some of our best friends. But, they can also be a substantial part of a personal budget, especially since it (hopefully) is a long-term commitment that can last for a couple decades. It was estimated that over $62 billion was spent collectively on U.S. pets in 2016.