Our Services

Our primary focus is portfolio management for individuals and corporate retirement plans. We take an active management approach where the clients select their portfolio objective and risk tolerance, and we manage within those parameters. Within that realm, some of the services we offer our clients include:

  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Consulting
  • Complimentary Portfolio Review
  • 401(k) Plan Review
  • Online Access to Accounts
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Tax Reconciliation Reports — shows cost basis of trades on taxable accounts at tax time
  • Great Economies of Scale and Low Transaction Costs — through our custodian of client funds
  • Required Minimum Distribution Alerts — personal phone calls to alert clients with IRAs who need to take their annual RMD
  • Free 401(k) Analysis and Recommendation — For our clients who participate in 401(k) plans that we do not manage, periodic recommendations are given based on the choices available to them.